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We are based in South Derbyshire and specialise in helping children of all ages with allergies, feeding problems and fussy eating.

Many parents find it difficult to find resources and support for their child who is difficult to feed. Some concerns parents have are:

“Is my child eating enough?”
“Is my child’s growth and weight healthy for their age?”
“Why does my child refuse some foods and some textures, but not others?”

Some parents know their child is not meeting their nutritional requirements. Parents want to know:

“How can I change my child’s diet?”
“Does my child need supplements to stay healthy?”
“Does my child need to see a paediatrician about this problem?”

Some children have diagnosed reflux or food allergies. Parents often ask:

“What foods can I safely give my child?”
“Why does my child gag and wretch at meals?”
“Is my child getting enough calcium, iron, vitamin D, etc?”

Apple a Day

Sascha Landskron, BSc, MSc

Sascha is a Paediatric Dietitian specialising in children’s allergies, fussy eating and feeding problems.

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